Satellite Expression Language

What is it ?

This package extends the ExpressionLanguage component of Symfony to compile and evaluate file and environment variables.


This package is already integrated into the Satellite package, so you can’t require it with the composer.


To use the functions provided in this package, you need to add the expression_language key to your plugin configuration and use the Kiboko\Component\Satellite\ExpressionLanguage\Provider Provider.

  - Kiboko\Component\Satellite\ExpressionLanguage\Provider

To determine that a value in your configuration will be a language expression, you must use the @ annotation.


List of available functions

  • env(string $name) : string|false : Gets the value of an environment variable
  • envAsFile(string $name) : string : Create a file whose name is an environment variable
  • file(string $name) : string : Create a file
  • base64Decode(string $name) : string|false : Decodes data encoded with Base64
  • temporaryFile(string $name) : resource : Create a temporary file